Cycle Haven

Throughout its history Nobman’s has changed to reflect the overall economy and shifts within the community.  In May of 2012 in an improving economy, and in response to the growing interest in outdoor fitness in the area, Derrick Nobman established Cycle Haven, which focuses on affordable, innovative all terrain bicycles. 

Though it occupies just a small section of the store, the new addition is generating a lot of attention from the existing customer base, and from a wider audience as well.  Cycle Haven was featured in the September 2012 issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News magazine for its sales of all terrain bikes with fat tires, called ‘fat bikes’. 

Cycle Haven is determined to make an impact on the community through its sponsorship of community activities including the annual Bay Day festival at the Waterfront Center.  Derrick Nobman, and now Cycle Haven have, and will continue to promote the use of the local community environment for fitness and fun. 

Cycle Haven leads group rides right from the shop on a weekly basis, and sponsors Demo Days where customers new and old can try out one of these fantastic bikes.  In keeping with the tradition of stocking hand-crafted and artisanal products, Cycle Haven carries several small bicycle brands, designed and produced right here in the United States. 

There are big plans for both Nobman’s and Cycle Haven in the works.  The Nobman family is both thankful and thrilled to be in business in the Oyster Bay community, and looks forward to many more years of partnership with the community.